Tessa Vasquez

Tessa Vasquez

Age: 16

Birthdate: January 11th

Height: 5' 3"

Weight: 174 lbs.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Distinguishing Characteristics: Tessa habitually dresses entirely in black, often with a sun-blocking hat.

Friends: Reese Mason

Enemies: None

Known Family: Basilia Vasquez (mother), Lope Vasquez (father)




Originally from Tijuana, Mexico, Tessa Vasquez is from a very well-to-do family that indulges her fascination with congenital malformations. Her room is littered with books, photographs, and figurines depicting sideshow performers from the past century.

Tessa collects documentaries on conjoined twins, severe birth defects, and owns six different biographies on the Elephant Man. Based on surveillance and Dexter’s testimony, Tessa is most likely Reese Mason’s only friend.


Psychological Evaluation

Psychological Evaluation

Tessa Vasquez is extremely enthusiastic about the unusual, but sometimes her passion can be off-putting to Reese Mason. Every time she remodels her room, Tessa dedicates more space on her walls to photos of Reese and his missing toes, at the expense of photographs of much more severe birth defects.

Tessa is very active in the Acis Island branch of Skywatchers Universal, a loose assembly of UFO enthusiasts. She often reports unusual sightings to the UFOlogy Department and documents them in her weekly blog.

Tessa prefers solitude when amongst her peers, but she remains quite personable and cheerful despite her relative isolation. Owing to her strange tastes, Tessa is slow to judge others for their idiosyncrasies, and she easily befriends those who treat her kindly. Still, her obsession with physical deformities remains a barrier to her social interactions at school.



Major Dennis Hong

Director, Security
Phone x3141 | Fax x3142

Although Ms. Vasquez is of interest to us because she has reported a number of UFO sightings that might be related to Project Ithaca, she is chiefly on our watch list because of her friendship with Reese Mason.

From what Dexter has told Dr. Malone and myself, it appears she has a high degree of influence over the Mason boy. We might have to take steps to separate the two of them before we make our move.

Professor Dai-Yu Li

Director, UFOlogy
Phone x1961 | Fax x1962

Oooh, it's Tessaaaaa! She is so adorable, don't you think? I just love her little button nose! :) She does report a lot of UFO sightings, but I don't mind. I get a chance to pinch her cheeks!

Li :)