Subject 002-04

Samuel Novas

Threat Level: B

Age: 19

Birthdate: August 21st

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 481 lbs.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Distinguishing Characteristics: Missing front tooth, remaining teeth are abnormally crooked. Distinctive scar in the center of his chest. Abnormally high body weight due to dense muscle structure.

Friends: Dexter Murphy, Alasdair Zadok

Enemies: Scott Willow, Noah Pak, Eddie

Known Family: Ruben Novas (father), Carlita Novas (mother, deceased), Pedro Novas (older brother), Teddy Novas (younger brother)

Pecking Order: Samuel Novas is an alpha among the subjects, with Dexter Murphy and Alasdair Zadok directly subservient to him. He frequently butts heads with Scott Willow, Noah Pak, and Eddie. Samuel rarely misses an opportunity to bully the younger subjects, even those "claimed" by Scott or Noah. Samuel has "Earned His Boots" within Project Ithaca. He is allowed to wear shoes and resides in a suite on the top floor of Project Ithaca's barracks.




Samuel Novas was a troubled youth, the product of a single father with little interest in his middle son. By the time he was a teenager, Samuel was hanging out with a group of local vandals and petty thieves on a daily basis. They weren’t organized enough to be a gang at first, but that quickly changed.

The boys attempted their first convenience store robbery as a group, but Samuel was shot when the owner drew a gun on the surprised teens. His friends abandoned him, and Samuel nearly bled to death waiting for an ambulance.

He woke up at Ophion Foundation headquarters, detained by the Security Department as a Person of Interest for Project Ithaca. Unsure of his fate, Samuel spent the next 6 months under constant surveillance as he recuperated in the infirmary. Once he had recovered enough to walk, Dr. Linda Malone invited him to join Project Ithaca in lieu of pressing charges. Samuel agreed without hesitation.


Psychological Evaluation

Psychological Evaluation

Samuel Novas has a very aggressive and domineering personality. He treats any lack of subservient behavior as a personal challenge, and has a tendency to bully all of the younger subjects on a daily basis. This brings him into conflict with Scott Willow and Noah Pak, though it rarely results in direct violence due to the threat of discipline by the Security Department.

In contrast to his brash and straightforward manner, Samuel is quite capable of strategic planning and trickery. He has often lashed out at those who displease him by framing them for minor infractions or vandalism within the barracks. Samuel avoids direct contact with Eddie whenever possible, but unlike the other subjects, he appears to find Eddie’s sense of humor amusing.




High Density Musculature

Samuel Novas’s body cannot be penetrated by most conventional means. His muscle mass has been altered, now vastly more dense than a regular human's. Bullets, blunt trauma, and sharp objects generally cause very little damage to his body beyond breaking his skin. Hypothetically, a force of sufficient power could damage Samuel's body, but no further experiments have yet been cleared.

Samuel is in constant pain from the bullet wound that nearly killed him. He is dependent upon a daily regiment of painkillers to function normally. It is likely Samuel will rely on them for the rest of his life.



Major Dennis Hong

Director, Security
Phone x3141 | Fax x3142

I see a lot about Samuel's resistance to injury, but how extensive have the tests been to evaluate his strength? Not that I'm picky, but I'd like to know if this kid can pull the doors off my APC before I drive past him.

Dr. Alyssa Kyle
Director, Astrobiology
Phone x2246 | Fax x2247

We're still in the process of establishing that, Major. The tests began almost immediately after his Paradox became apparent, but the results have been inconclusive. In one trial, he's putting adult gorillas to shame, but in the next he tests only average for his age and size. I have to conclude that he is intentionally hiding the true extent of his strength.