Subject 002-01

Noah Pak

Threat Level: A

Age: 17

Birthdate: April 2nd

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 135 lbs.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Distinguishing Characteristics: Noah has a large, distinctive birthmark between his shoulder blades.

Friends: None

Enemies: Samuel Novas, Eddie, Scott Willow

Known Family: Jin Sung Pak (father), Regina Pak (mother)

Pecking Order: Noah Pak is considered an alpha among the subjects, but his extreme narcissism prevents him from forming genuine friendships or loyal allies. Though Christopher Howard behaves in a subservient manner towards him, it is a response born entirely out of fear. If Noah were ever decisively beaten by another alpha, his standing amongst the subjects would sharply decline. Noah has "Earned His Boots" in Project Ithaca, allowed to wear shoes and live in a suite on the top floor of the barracks.




Noah Pak is the only subject of Project Ithaca who sought out employment with the Ophion Foundation. Despite his young age, Noah ran away from his home in Los Angeles and boarded a ferry bound for Acis Island.

Noah hounded security personnel for days until he was escorted into Ophion Foundation headquarters for questioning. It was there that Dr. Linda Malone issued an ultimatum: he could join Project Ithaca or be deported to the United States. Having come too far to turn back, Noah chose to become a test subject.


Psychological Evaluation

Psychological Evaluation

Noah Pak is an extremely self-centered individual, convinced that the world is his playground. He considers himself above everyone he sees, especially his fellow test subjects in Project Ithaca. As a result, he has found it impossible to develop or maintain friendships. Noah’s arrogance gives way to compassion only for those who present a submissive attitude before him.

It is apparent that Noah feigns respect for the Ophion Foundation because their tests bring him closer to understanding how to use his new ability. When he no longer has a use for Project Ithaca, Noah is very likely to attempt an escape. The Security Department has specifically assigned two operatives to sedate him if he attempts to activate his Paradox outside of testing.




Six Wings of Light

Noah Pak is able to manifest six arcs of blinding light from his body, each roughly fifteen feet long. These arcs are dispersed evenly around his person, giving the illusion of “wings.” Noah is able to fly, but he can rarely control his velocity well enough to maneuver.

Noah’s “wings” radiate an extreme amount of heat and vaporize his clothes upon activation. Luckily for him, the light is too intense for human eyes to look upon. Although he risks losing control of his trajectory, Noah can focus all six arcs into a beam of light capable of liquefying stainless steel in a matter of seconds.



Professor Dai-Yu Li

Director, UFOlogy
Phone x1961 | Fax x1962

I know he can be a handful, but can you keep Noah closer at hand during flight tests in the future? I have so many hoaxes and misidentified aircraft to sift through, and it just makes more work for me if there are UFO sightings caused by Noah's flights.

Thank yooooou,
Li :)

Dr. Alyssa Kyle
Director, Astrobiology
Phone x2246 | Fax x2247

I agree, Professor. He has been pushing the limits of his flight duration lately, and I'm afraid that he might go too far and fall to his death. Dr. Malone, will you approve of adjusting Noah's test flights to a maximum of 500 feet with a 10 minute time limit?

Dr. Linda Malone
Director, Parapsychology
Phone x1742 | Fax x1743

Done. I'll notify the rest of the staff immediately.

Major Dennis Hong
Director, Security
Phone x3141 | Fax x3142

These new parameters help me out a lot, actually. At 500 feet, our rocket launchers can still get a lock on him. You know. Just in case.