Subject 001-13

Lucas Solomon

Threat Level: B

Age: 16

Birthdate: October 14th

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 146 lbs.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue-Black

Distinguishing Characteristics: Tribal-style tattoos across his cheeks and forehead. Distinctive voice.

Friends: Scott Willow

Enemies: Kevin White, Samuel Novas, Noah Pak, Eddie

Known Family: Simon Solomon (father, deceased), Jessica Solomon (mother, deceased), Levi Solomon (older brother, whereabouts unknown)

Pecking Order: Lucas is subservient exclusively to Scott Willow, and rarely associates with anyone else.




Like most of the original Project Ithaca subjects, Lucas Solomon’s early history is not well known. He lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota with his parents and older brother until he was 11 years old. That year, his parents were killed under questionable circumstances and his brother simply disappeared. 12-year-old Lucas was in foster care when the Ophion Foundation recruited him for Project Ithaca.

The tattoos on Lucas's face were drawn by one of the older subjects in the first experiment. This incident led to severe restrictions on the personal items subjects are allowed to possess.


Psychological Evaluation

Psychological Evaluation

Lucas Solomon is a silent, unsettling presence among the subjects of Project Ithaca. He is capable of perceiving the thoughts of others as readily as he can see their faces, so Lucas has little need to communicate directly. Lucas avoids the companionship of all other subjects except for Scott Willow, though he has been known to speak freely during Dr. Alyssa Kyle’s counseling sessions.

According to Dr. Kyle’s notes, Lucas’s judgmental personality stems from the disillusionment of his longing to understand others. He was once a very open and caring person, but his ability to read thoughts has brought him into contact with a wide array of damaged mental states and unwanted secrets. This has warped Lucas’s view on humanity and fostered an unwavering sense of misanthropy.




Brain Scan

Lucas Solomon possesses the innate ability to read the surface thoughts of others as though he were tuning into a radio station. Unfortunately, he can only scan one brain at a time.

If Lucas attempts to pry beyond a person’s surface thoughts, he exudes enough physical force on his target’s brain to rupture it like jelly. Prolonged mental probing is almost always fatal.

Each time Lucas reads the thoughts of another, that individual’s voice is inexplicably and permanently added to his own. The sound of Lucas’s voice is closer to that of a crowd speaking in unison or a twisted chorus than a human being's speech.



Dr. Alyssa Kyle

Director, Astrobiology
Phone x2246 | Fax x2247

I have to admit I worry very much for Lucas. His emotional responses are severely muted except where Scott Willow is concerned. Case in point: he has reacted extremely negatively to Scott's physical relationship with Kevin White.

My hypothesis is that Lucas may be using Scott as a substitute for all of his former social ties. Now that Scott spends more time with Kevin and less time with Lucas, his entire social "world" is unraveling.

We need to hire a professional to deal with this. I wouldn't be worried if we were dealing with a normal kid, but Lucas Solomon is far from that.

Dr. Linda Malone
Director, Parapsychology
Phone x1742 | Fax x1743

I will take it under consideration, but I can't promise anything. The screening, interviewing, and hiring process for a specialized position like that could take months.