Acis Island



  • Constructed following the discovery of the extraterrestrial giant, "Polyphemus," Acis Island is an artificial land mass of unprecedented scale.
  • Acis Island originally came into being as an outgrowth of the Ophion Foundation’s underwater laboratory built specifically to study Polyphemus. Construction of the island began with assistance from the United States in order to asses the potential threat, if any, Polyphemus poses to the world. To this day, the island possesses a subterranean facility that stretches down to the ocean floor.
  • The nascent Acis Island was badly damaged during the Black Nirvana Incident. Details are sketchy at best, but the United States military’s interest in parapsychology increased dramatically after Black Nirvana. They offered to co-sponsor the Ophion Foundation’s parapsychology department, provided they expanded the scope of their research exponentially.
  • To produce the capital necessary to rebuild Acis Island and expand the parapsychology department, the Ophion Foundation made the long term decision to open Acis Island for public residence. In doing so, it became the first major test of ocean colonization in the industrialized world.
  • Over the next 8 years, Acis Island grew from a small research facility to the bustling urban community it is today. Boasting a population of over 17,000, it is the largest ocean colony on record. Located in international waters, Acis Island is considered a sovereign city-state, though it remains unrecognized by the United Nations.