Subject 003-01

Kevin White

Threat Level: D

Age: 15

Birthdate: February 8th

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 128 lbs.

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

Distinguishing Characteristics: Kevin has a lightning bolt tattoo on his right foot and metal braces affixed to his teeth.

Friends: Scott Willow

Enemies: Lucas Solomon, Eddie

Known Family: Boston White (father), Nora White (mother)

Pecking Order: Kevin is subservient to Scott Willow, roughly equal to Lucas Solomon, and implicitly out-ranks Christopher Howard, Alasdair Zadok, and Dexter Murphy. Kevin has intimate encounters with Scott Willow on a regular basis.




Kevin White was the first subject to be identified as a Person of Interest, monitored for changes in behavior, and approached for Project Ithaca when the circumstance presented itself.

In Kevin’s case, it had very much to do with the abuse he suffered at his father’s hands. His mother turned a blind eye to the situation, actively denying its existence when Kevin begged her for help. He soon ran away from home.

Dr. Linda Malone met with Kevin personally to offer him a better life through Project Ithaca. With nowhere else to go, Kevin happily agreed to become a test subject. He has been extraordinarily loyal to the Ophion Foundation ever since.


Psychological Evaluation

Psychological Evaluation

Kevin White is full of energy and decidedly upbeat despite his past. He credits the Ophion Foundation with saving his life, so he has adopted a policy of trying everything and regretting nothing.

Recently, Kevin has found a partner in Scott Willow. While it is possible that Kevin is re-enacting his past abuse using Scott as a proxy, their affection for one another appears genuine.




Limited Precognition

Kevin White possesses the cognitive ability to experience events in his life before they come to pass. Very little is presently understood about how he manages to acquire information about the future. Kevin himself describes his day-to-day consciousness as "a constant state of déjà vu."

Attempts to increase the scope of this Paradox beyond a handful of seconds into the future have proven frustrating, but not entirely fruitless.



Dr. Linda Malone

Director, Parapsychology
Phone x1742 | Fax x1743

In a series of tests conducted on February 12th of this year, Kevin White was able to predict a sequence of events 1 minute and 38 seconds in advance of the present time. He fell violently ill almost immediately thereafter. Kevin remained bedridden for 76 hours, during which time he displayed no precognitive ability whatsoever.

Dr. Alyssa Kyle
Director, Astrobiology
Phone x2246 | Fax x2247

Exactly what sorts of tests would cause a healthy 15-year-old boy to be bedridden for 3 full days?!