Human Resources

Department Directors

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This is the complete list of the Ophion Foundation's highest-ranked leaders. If you are reading this, chances are you were hand-picked for your current position by one of these incredible individuals!

The Directors are peerless experts in their fields, and an inspiration to all members of the Ophion Foundation. Learn all about the men and women who helped turn the so-called "pseudosciences" into the most cutting-edge disciplines in the world!

Subjects of Note

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It is imperative that all members of the Ophion Foundation familiarize themselves with Project Ithaca's test subjects. Many of them present unique dangers to themselves and others. All of them are prone to unpredictable or erratic behavior. It cannot be stressed enough how important this can be to your personal safety while working for the Ophion Foundation.

Comprehensive knowledge of every test subject is mandatory for Security Operations Specialists.

Persons of Interest

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Although Project Ithaca currently employs 10 active test subjects, science marches on. Persons of Interest to the Ophion Foundation are generally candidates for future Project Ithaca tests.

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