Subject 001-26


Threat Level: B

Age: Unknown

Birthdate: Unknown

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 142 lbs.

Hair: None

Eyes: Solid Black

Distinguishing Characteristics: Eddie has bulging, unblinking eyes, hairless skin, and no fingernails or toenails.

Friends: Damon Blair

Enemies: Samuel Novas, Noah Pak

Known Family: None

Pecking Order: Eddie is categorized as an alpha by default. Though he has no allies among the subjects, he is subservient to no one. Eddie has "earned his boots" in Project Ithaca, yet chooses not to wear shoes of any kind. However, he does live in a suite on the top floor of the barracks.




Much of Eddie's background is unknown at this time, including his real name. There are no public records of him prior to his arrest in an Acis Island warehouse. Eddie had been surviving for weeks by mugging passers-by, culminating in an attempted homicide when he stabbed a homeless man in the back. Had Dr. Linda Malone not intervened and recruited Eddie for Project Ithaca, it is likely that he would have spent his life in and out of the criminal justice system.


Psychological Evaluation

Psychological Evaluation

Eddie is surprisingly outgoing for someone with such an unusual appearance. He lives to get a response out of people, whether it’s praise, revulsion, or terror. Eddie gives the impression that he’s sizing people up, deciding whether or not to kill them. He takes great joy in pushing the personal boundaries of others, and displays a profoundly morbid sense of humor.




Perception Filter

Eddie’s Paradox is extremely subtle, in that he is able to will himself into being overlooked. Nothing about him physically changes; he manipulates the brains of those around him to filter out his presence in the same way one filters out background noise or distant objects.

Unless an observer is using electronic means of surveillance, it is impossible for the human eye to register Eddie when this Paradox is active.



Major Dennis Hong

Director, Security
Phone x3141 | Fax x3142

As I have said from the first day I read his dossier, Eddie should be put down like a dog! Based on what we're learning from the Dexter Murphy incident, his cloaking ability is far more advanced than this file suggests! Somehow, a test subject being kidnapped and mauled escaped the attention of my security officers for 15 full minutes!

Test him again! Figure out what he's doing differently! Lives depend on it!

Gedeon Vassago
Director, Cryptozoology
Phone x0755 | Fax x0756

As much as I hate to be the guy to say "I told you so"...

I told you so.

When you have an aggressive dog, you get it a chew toy. I don't know what you'd give a freak like Eddie, but you'd better be quick about it.

Dr. Linda Malone
Director, Parapsychology
Phone x1742 | Fax x1743

Major Hong, since I am not going to terminate the only subject since Peter to exhibit physical mutations, I will instead abide by your suggestion of re-evaluating Eddie's Paradox.

As much as I'm certain your comment was meant in jest, Gedeon, you do make an intriguing point.