Department Directors

Elias Israfel, Founder of the Ophion Foundation

Elias Israfel founded the Ophion Foundation out of his genuine love for all things unknown. An avid follower of paleontology, parapsychology, cryptozoology, and UFO lore since childhood, the Ophion Foundation is Mr. Israfel’s gift to all those who study the unusual.

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Dr. Linda Malone, Director of Parapsychology

Dr. Linda Malone began her career as a mortician working in her family's funeral home. She spent years mastering human anatomy before she returned to school and shifted her focus to the untapped potential within the human brain. By the time Elias Israfel was ready to unveil the Ophion Foundation, Dr. Malone had risen to icon status within the field of parapsychology. She was swiftly brought on board, and remains one of the most visible stars of the Ophion Foundation.

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Dr. Alyssa Kyle, Director of Astrobiology

Dr. Alyssa Kyle was one of the foremost researchers in the NASA Astrobiology Institute, formulating theories about the origins of life in the universe and the possibility of life outside of our solar system. When it was discovered that Polyphemus was not of terrestrial origin, Dr. Kyle was the first woman Elias Israfel called. She works closely alongside Dr. Linda Malone to study what effects, if any, Polyphemus has on life forms here on Earth.

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Professor Dai-Yu Li, Director of UFOlogy

Professor Dai-Yu Li, formerly a sociology professor at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, now applies her vast academic experience studying the skies. Hand-picked by Elias Israfel, she left her job at the University to research the long-term effects UFO sightings have on individuals and entire populations. Since then, Professor Li's cheerful demeanor and child-like mannerisms have become a common sight to all employees of the Ophion Foundation.

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Dr. Timothy Wu, Director of Paleontology

Dr. Timothy Wu is a world-renowned Canadian paleontologist with over 35 years of digs under his belt. Dr. Wu was instrumental in unearthing the specimen known as "Polyphemus" during the Ophion Foundation's early years, and his expertise has not gone unrewarded. Although he spends most of his time in the Alberta fossil bed, Dr. Wu remains an important figure in the Ophion Foundation.

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Gedeon Vassago, Director of Cryptozoology

Before he worked for the Ophion Foundation, Gedeon Vassago wowed audiences on his hit television show, Monster Killer. He traveled the globe for 6 years debunking myths of legendary creatures, and in the process encountered some of the most dangerous animals, environments, and disasters that Mother Nature has to offer. When Elias Israfel unveiled Polyphemus to the scientific community, Gedeon sought him out personally. Mr. Vassago has since become the Ophion Foundation's leading expert on cryptids; discovering biological specimens that were once thought to be fantasy.

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Major Dennis Hong, Director of Security

Major Dennis Hong is Acis Island's liaison to the United States Armed Forces, and is the current Director of Security for the Ophion Foundation. His service record dates back 15 years working for both the US Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security. Major Hong's tactical expertise and strategic flexibility make him the ideal choice to protect the Ophion Foundation and the people of Acis Island.

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