Subject 002-03

Damon Blair

Threat Level: A

Age: 18

Birthdate: November 19th

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 158 lbs.

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Gray

Distinguishing Characteristics: Lip piercing, vulgar phrases written in scars all over his body.

Friends: Eddie

Enemies: None

Known Family: Wesley Blair (father, deceased), Anne Blair (mother, deceased)

Pecking Order: Due to his isolation, Damon has extremely limited contact with the other subjects.




Damon Blair was recruited following the deaths of his parents in the same car accident that claimed the life of Dexter Murphy’s father and left Dexter’s mother comatose. Most of the records of Damon’s life before the accident are spotty at best, with the exception of his flawless school record. His test scores and grade point averages suggest a brilliant intellect, though it is unknown why advanced education was never pursued.

Damon’s home suggests a religious background, yet Damon himself disavows any belief in the supernatural. He has no police record, no behavioral problems at school, and no known friends or relatives outside of his parents. At this time, more research is required before there can be an accurate assessment of Damon’s upbringing.


Psychological Evaluation

Psychological Evaluation

Damon Blair very rarely speaks, preferring to observe people in silence. Very much a recluse, he spends most of his time in contemplative solitude. Damon’s rare moments of social interaction are during tests and visits. He is otherwise confined to his containment cell. He has been observed yelling obscenities at security personnel and the other subjects, condemning them for past "sins." On its own, this would not be suspicious, but Damon’s allegations reference events which Damon himself could never have been aware of.

Dexter Murphy is the only other subject to interact with Damon on a personal level. While the content of their conversations have not been recorded, witnesses have reported that the two share a warped sense of humor. Damon is the only subject of Project Ithaca confined to a containment cell instead of the barracks or a suite, as his paradox manifests itself at irregular intervals.




Paranormal Activity

Damon is not in control of his paradox, and he appears to prefer it that way. He revels in objects moving by themselves, horrific noises without any point of origin, and obscenities scratched into various surfaces--including his own skin.

When Damon’s emotions run high, his abilities turn even more violent, lashing out and demolishing everything around him. He is considered a threat to everyone he comes in contact with, so he is confined to a containment cell 23 hours a day.



Major Dennis Hong

Director, Security
Phone x3141 | Fax x3142

Dr. Malone, I need you to re-test Damon's Paradox control as soon as possible. I've been reviewing security footage of his cell and I need to confirm some of my findings.

Dr. Linda Malone
Director, Parapsychology
Phone x1742 | Fax x1743

You're referring to the hypothesis that Damon is fully in control of his Paradox? I agree, we do need to explore that possibility. However, I worry that in doing so, we would be tipping our hand prematurely.

If Damon is capable of escaping his containment cell, revealing our suspicions before we have a backup plan could be disastrous.