The Black Nirvana Incident


  • Eight years ago, mass hallucinations and wild, inexplicable dreams terrorized over 500,000 people worldwide. Though specific reports varied, the common themes of the visions were constant: unspeakable apocalyptic imagery combined with an overwhelming state of calm, oneness, and ecstasy. The horrific apparitions and involuntary emotions earned this phenomenon the moniker “Black Nirvana".


  • The Black Nirvana Incident struck without warning 8 years ago on the evening of March 23rd. The phenomenon affected more than half a million individuals around the world until April 2nd of that year. Those adversely affected complained of crippling headaches, nausea, extreme vertigo, and invasive, persistent hallucinations. In nearly all cases, the symptoms required immediate hospitalization.


  • Although there is a degree of variance in the details of Black Nirvana hallucinations, the overall narrative formed by the reported cases is bafflingly consistent.
  • First, the surface of the moon appeared to flood with tar-like ooze, accompanied by an intuitive sensation of relief. The ooze bubbled and swayed in magnitudes large enough to be seen from the surface of the Earth. The longer the visions focused on the moon, the closer the enormous satellite drew to the planet.
  • Second, the proximity of the moon to the Earth caused the ocean tides to increase their velocity, frequency, and scale 1000-fold, sweeping coastal cities away in an instant. The hallucinations experienced in this phase of the narrative were exceptionally damaging psychologically, as many sufferers could not deal with the conflict between their instinctive horror and the inexplicable compulsion to weep with joy at the sight.
  • Lastly, the slime-covered moon was drawn into the Earth’s crust. The apocalyptic impact shredded entire continents and expelled their remains into orbit. The visions invariably ended there, leaving the sufferer in a state of euphoric, almost religious serenity. The artificial trance often continued for hours after the visions subsided.


  • If the particulars of the Black Nirvana Incident were bizarre, the demographics of those it affected were equally so. There does not appear to have been any pattern based on location, sex, ethnicity, or economic status, but an improbably high percentage made their living as artists or poets. At present, no adequate explanation for the skewed data has been proposed.


  • There has been no official explanation for the Black Nirvana Incident from any government or scientific organization. The epidemic of violent illness and hallucination is still considered a mystery.