Subject 003-02

Alasdair Zadok

Threat Level: D

Age: 14

Birthdate: September 16th

Height: 5' 3"

Weight: 114 lbs.

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Yellow

Distinguishing Characteristics: Unusual yellow eyes.

Friends: Christopher Howard, Dexter Murphy, Samuel Novas

Enemies: Eddie, Noah Pak

Known Family: David Zadok (father, deceased), Lena Zadok (mother, deceased), Rebecca Zadok (older sister, deceased)

Pecking Order: Alasdair is subservient to Samuel Novas, but tends to associate with Dexter Murphy and Christopher Howard.




Alasdair Zadok’s entire family died when carbon monoxide leaked into their home from a faulty gas line. Alasdair alone survived, but he was badly traumatized by the experience. He spent months in his room, obsessively building a strange sculpture out of components he found in the house.

By the time Alasdair’s neighbors called the police to investigate the smell, he had gutted much of the residence down to its plumbing. Alasdair might have been sent to foster care, but Dr. Linda Malone made first contact with Alasdair and invited him into Project Ithaca.


Psychological Evaluation

Psychological Evaluation

Alasdair fills most of his time with intense study and the construction of new, often bizarre machines. He is cheerful, helpful, and highly intelligent, absorbing information with an eidetic memory. Alasdair has been described as "omnidextrous," in that he is equally adept at using both of his hands and both of his feet to perform most manual tasks.

Despite his sunny demeanor, Alasdair exhibits signs of survivor’s guilt. In private sessions with Dr. Alyssa Kyle, Alasdair has admitted to believing that he should have died along with his family.




Eldritch Engineering

Alasdair’s Paradox allows him to assemble various materials and infuse them with a measure of his focus. This allows an otherwise impossible device to function as Alasdair wishes it to for as long as his concentration lasts. The more potent or complex a device is, the more severe the mental strain required to maintain it.

A simple device, such as a sculpture with geometrically impossible angles, can exist for days or weeks with minimal effort on Alasdair’s part. A complex or far-fetched device, like a television made out of a scrapped automobile, might fall apart if Alasdair is the least bit distracted.

Devices that produce effects outside of Alasdair’s technical understanding are impossible. For instance, each time Alasdair has attempted to build a time machine, he has failed.



Dr. Timothy Wu

Director, Paleontology
Phone x0238 | Fax x0239

Alasdair is a studious and intelligent young man. He has a healthy interest in prehistory, and retains my every lesson almost word-for-word. Were he not a test subject here, he'd be in a school for the gifted, I'm certain of it.

Is there any way for me to borrow him for one of my digs in Alberta? We've just started to unearth a wealth of Precambrian fossils, and I know his eyes would light up at the chance to help us uncover them.

Dr. Linda Malone
Director, Parapsychology
Phone x1742 | Fax x1743

Alasdair will have to stay in the Project Ithaca barracks for the foreseeable future, Dr. Wu.